The shop exists

Dropshipping, not only does it sound fun, it’s allowing me to delve into some design that I’ve been hankering for. As some of you already know I have had a Redbubble shop for years, but they have never offered hats in their products. I’m a big fan of snap backs and hats in general and it’s really felt lacking. I found a partner that does drop shipping of embroidered hats and decided to go for it. I’ve setup a simple WooCommerce shop through my WordPress site and I’ll be throwing a few designs up there to see how things feel.

I’m really excited about this addidtion, I don’t exactly create a lot of art, but have a passion for typography that I’ve needed an outlet for. I’ll be forcusing on logo’s and branding for some of the Oddball domains and Idea’s that I have floating around. Hopefully some of you will enjoy the art. I’ll also be posting the designs on either Instagram or Tumblr.